The Bed & Breakfast

The hotel was built in the eighties by a rich family. This is still very visible in all the inside decorations, especially the hallways and restaurant.
In 2003 the building was taken over by two Dutch men and transformed into a small hotel with beautiful garden.
Since 2020 the hotel is run by a Dutch family. Together they form a great team and create a familial atmosphere in which everyone feel like home.

The Team

The Dutch family running the place strive to meet everyone's needs:

Ronald - Makes sure you enjoy a wonderful breakfast and are never thirsty at the pool. Also he is the handyman and fixes any technical problem in a wink.

Jacqueline - Has lost her heart to Portugal when she was very young. Her warmth spreads through the hotel since she is in charge of decorations and the cleaning of the rooms.

Martijn - This polyglot occupies the reception and manages all administration. If not at the frontdesk, you can find him behind the bar, in the garden or anywhere else he is needed.


Casa Deixa O Resto tries to be as sustainable as possible and is always looking to improve. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Warm water and a part of the electricity is induced through solar panels
  • All water is pumped from an underground river and filtered, so drinkable and healthy.
  • A lot of vegetables and fruits we use are straight from the garden.
  • Many other products we have come from regional producers.
  • Garbage is sorted so it can be recycled correctly. We also try to reduce the use of plastic.
  • Green waste goes straight into compost bin, to be used for gardening purposes later.